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All musicians are shaped by other gifted minstrels. Here are some of the folks who have had a huge impact on what I do:    

• Some players I listen to and really dig on flute are:
   Eric Dolphy, Sam Most, Jeremy Steig, Nicola Stilo, Maraca and Robert Dick.

• Some players I listen to and really dig on alto are:
   Eric Dolphy, Frank Strozier, Sonny Criss, Eric Kloss amd Bunky Green.

• I also really like:
   Steely Dan, Kate Bush, Neil Young, Leon Russell and Todd Rundgren.

• Some classical composers whose music has affected me deeply are:
   Hindimith, Mahler, Schoenberg, Messiaen and Delius.       

Music Samples

And Here are a few of my music offerings to add to the mix:



• My Funny Valentine

• Blues for Scheurer

• Magdelena’s Musette – Part II

• Hampton’s Pulpit 1

• Sasha


Funk Jazz

• Sand In Your Face



• Bach Prelude No. 12

• Telemann1