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Welcome to my collection of thoughts, images and music, all attempting in some manner to capture my love of Jazz. My hope is that if you stay and check it out, you will leave with a real feeling for what I do and what my music is about. In this age with the internet being the preferred medium of displaying a profile of oneself, I have finally gotten with the program. To those who already know me, it is possible you may leave knowing something about me you didn’t know before. In the process of putting this together, I certainly learned things about myself I didn’t know before!

I would have to say that music is my favorite language. Sometimes it is even capable of transcending words all together. Some of my most meaningful experiences have been while playing and interacting with other musicians—communicating through music with my audience. Musical gifts are meant to be shared. They come from the spirit. Music has been a powerful force in my life as far back as I can remember. Thanks for your interest in what I do. Enjoy, Sandy